Cantilevered Beam - Concentrated Load At Free End

"); $lgt=(double)$_REQUEST['lgt']; //cast as "double" so it will work with pow later $totload=$_REQUEST['totload']; $mi=$_REQUEST['mi']; $xdis=(double)$_REQUEST['xdis']; if($lgt<=0) { $lgt="0"; } echo("Length of Beam: "); echo(" inches".NL); echo(NL); if($totload<=0) { $totload="0"; } echo("Concentrated Load: "); echo(" kips".N2L); if($mi<=0) { $mi="0"; } echo("Moment of Inertia: " ); echo(" inches4".N2L); if($xdis<=0) { $xdis="0"; } echo("Distance \"x\" from end of beam (not required): " ); echo(" inches".N2L); echo ("
"); if(!$totload or !$lgt) { //If no numbers have been entered, don't do anything. }elseif($xdis>=$lgt) { echo ("\"X\" distance must be less than the beam length"); }else { echo("Equivalent Tabular Load =".number_format(8*$totload,2)." kips.".NL); echo("Fixed End Reaction and Maximum Vertical Shear =".number_format($totload,2)." kips.".NL); echo("Maximum Moment at Fixed End =".number_format($totload*$lgt,2)." kip-inches.".NL); If($mi>0) { if($xdis) { echo("Moment at Distance \"x\" =".number_format($totload*$xdis,2)." kip-inches.".NL); $xdefl=$totload*((2*pow($lgt,3))-(3*pow($lgt,2)*$xdis)+(pow($xdis,2)))/(6*29000*$mi); echo("Deflection at Distance \"x\" =".number_format($xdefl,2)." inches.".NL); } $defmax=$totload*pow($lgt,3)/(3*29000*$mi); echo("Maximum Deflection (at Free End) =".number_format($defmax,2)." inches.".NL); } else { echo("You must enter a moment of inertia value to calculate deflection"); } } ?>
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