Punch Tonnage Required For Round Holes

"); $dia=$_REQUEST['dia']; $thk=$_REQUEST['thk']; $yield=$_REQUEST['yield']; if($dia<=0) { $dia="0"; } echo("Hole Dia. in Inches: inches".N2L); if($thk<=0) { $thk="0"; } echo("Material Thickness in Inches: inches".N2L); if($yield<=0) { $yield="0"; } echo("Yield Strength of Material in Pounds per Square Inch: pounds per square inch".N2L); echo ("
"); if($dia && $thk && $yield) { //If all numbers have been entered...... If($thk>$dia) { //If the thickness is greater than the hole diameter echo("It is not safe to punch a hole with diameter less than the material thickness"); } else { $tons=$dia * PI *$thk *$yield/2000; echo("The Punching Tonnage per Hole = ".number_format($tons ,2)." tons.".NL); } } elseif($dia or $thk or $yield) { echo("You must enter all data to calculate the tonnage!!"); } ?>
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